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Michael Strong is the man’s name.  His copyrighted learning system is called “The ColorCode Essay Writing System."  Michael is a charter MoonAngel.  Read his story.  You’ll find the man is simply an angel.

Michael told me one time what he has told many others the past few years.  “In less than 30 minutes, I can teach almost any student in grades 7 - 12 how to write a properly structured essay, presenting his or her ideas systematically to arrive at a logical conclusion. No brag; just fact.”

“Yeah, okay,” I thought.  “What makes you such an authority?”

Well, the man has been a multiple business owner and even worked in the world of high finance.  This much I learned from some good and mutual friends.  What I didn’t know at the time was the man’s story:

 “Back in 1996, I discovered that one of my daughters was dyslexic and that both had Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). Since they were having trouble reading, I knew that they’d also have trouble writing. Traditional academic methods for teaching an essay’s proper structure often don’t work for students with Learning Disabilities. My daughters certainly were not prepared to listen to a long, boring lecture from their father about the finer points of essay formatting. I needed a faster way to teach this concept to my daughters. Since both were artistic, I devised The ColorCode Essay Writing System, using a color-coded sample essay with a ‘rainbow’ introductory paragraph to convey the idea visually. I used magic markers to color each sentence. The pattern of the colors illustrated the format of a properly structured essay. An Owner’s Manual instructed them how to use the colors as a guide for presenting ideas systematically. Both girls grasped the basic concept in less than 5 minutes and went on to write much better papers. In 1996, I registered The ColorCode Essay Writing System with the US Copyright Office in Washington D.C. I sold a few ColorCode Systems via mail order, but at the time, I was too busy as a Certified Financial Planner to market them properly.

“After I retired from Morgan Keegan in 2009, I decided to revisit the project. I built a website , wrote and copyrighted an 8-page SAT Essay Supplement, and developed a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation (all cartoons and photos with virtually no text). Now I solicit speaking engagements from PTAs, Rotary Clubs and other civic organizations, explaining how The ColorCode Essay Writing System makes it easy for students to write school papers, and for teachers to grade those papers.
Inadvertently, I stumbled across a ‘magic bullet,’ a small, simple step that enables students to make a quantum leap in their ability to write good school papers. Parents, teachers and students all say, ‘Gee, no one ever explained it to me this way before – it’s so simple.’ Yup, that’s the whole point.

“Once folks see my presentation, they understand why I believe that The ColorCode Essay Writing System is much more efficient than the traditional academic method for teaching students the format of a properly structured essay. Students learn in less than 30 minutes what many fail to learn after 6 years of Middle & High school Language Arts classes. It’s obvious even to a casual observer. Educators are discovering that while perhaps 50% of students succeed at learning through traditional academic methods, a substantial portion of the remainder are what are now called ‘visual learners.’ Faced with a written list of steps to complete for writing a school paper, their eyes glaze over and they tune out. However, when presented with an illustration of a properly structured essay, most ‘visual learners’ respond with such comments as, ‘Oh, now I see how this fits together. It’s really quite simple.’”

Michael Strong’s goal is to make at least one presentation every day to school systems and parenting groups.  A tour of New England private schools has been scheduled for October.

But The ColorCode Essay Writing System is also available for individuals via download from Over the past 30 days, the website has had visitors from 61 different countries and had sales from as far away as Australia.  Lunar Report readers can get a 30% discount by entering LUNAR in the discount code box after clicking on the Add to Cart icon.

As a concerned and pro-active parent, Michael has helped hundreds of kids.  As MoonAngels, we want to help thousands more.  Please check out The ColorCode System.  If you know someone who might benefit from it, please pass this along to them.  And keep passing this along to others.  If your efforts help but one child, it’s worth it, don’t you think?

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“First I want to tell you what my cousin Tammy just said to me. She told me she had never been to a wedding where everyone in attendance was so genuinly behind the love and commitment of the marriage. And she is right. All the love here is genuine. All of it.

But, you know, last Saturday, we buried my mama. Well, a few years ago a man I really loved passed away suddenly. He was the father of a woman I care deeply about. It was devastating. The next month, Matt’s first ... << MORE >>


This is an amazing story, really. I had been writing this for a few days. I had planned on Mama still being with us when this would be posted. Well, she’s not. But I think this is important. I remember when my dad’s mom was fighting for her life in 1975. She was in a hospital in North Carolina. And I was with her. My dad was in Jacksonville, Florida. He flew to his mom’s bedside. I picked him up at the airport. I was with my dad when his mom died. And I saw the man cry ... << MORE >>


I felt scammed. A couple of Saturdays ago, I deposited into my bank account two $870 counterfeit US Postal Service Money Orders that were mailed to me by someone named Maria from Kokomo, Indiana. Lunar Report donations?  Hardly.  

Now, I say I “felt” scammed because the money orders were bogus. But Maria or whoever did the scamming never contacted me, I never provided a service or product, so I was out nothing except a major hassle. Bank Of America did close my bank account because of that deposit. But what did the ... << MORE >>

This Is Your Page

I’m a fortunate man.  Friends like you have come to my rescue time and time again.  You’ve been supportive of the things that I do.  You’ve encouraged me over and over again.  And you have made The Lunar Report the success that it is.  

My goal was to write some stuff that would be helpful, that would make folks smile or laugh and sometimes cry.  I wanted to provide some insight into life and life’s problems and present it with honesty, hopefully encouraging others to be honest with themselves.  The response has been overwhelming this past year.  And I thank you.

Now I want to provide a page for you to use.  More specifically, I want this to be a site for causes.  A place for you to write a story or two about a cause that brings out your passion for such things  Things that need expanded awareness.  Things that need a larger audience.  And I want to do more than that.  I want to provide a free platform for writers, bloggers, thinkers and the like.

In the process, I want to take The Lunar Report to new heights.  To do all of this, I need your help.  I am asking that you donate to the Lunar Report.  My goal is for us to do great things together here without resorting to banner ads and the like.  I want to provide a free site to promote causes, talent, philosophy, political points of view - whatever you are passionate about.  And to keep The Lunar Report going strong.

Please consider a donation of any size by clicking the "Donate" button below.  It will take you directly to Pay Pal where you can donate in a secure environment.  Whatever you can send will go a long way toward our goal.

So how will Moon Angels work?  Simply email me your article.  That's it.  Well that and tell me the name, if any, you wish to be in the byline.  I will do the rest.  I will notify you by email as to when it will run.  And I will promote it on The Lunar Report, Lunacy, Facebook and in my articles in online publications in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida, in Durham, North Carolina, and in Savannah, Georgia.

I know that times are tough for many of us, so donate what you can.  Anything you can donate will help get this off the ground and keep The Lunar Report going strong.   And Moon Angels could become a pretty important platform in the process.

To help, click the DONATE button.
Or you can send checks to:  David Moon, c/o Moon Productions, 100 Gattis, #303, Chapel Hill, NC  27517.

Thank you for all that you do and for helping.  You are truly a Moon Angel.
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Thank you for taking the time to read The Lunar Report. If you would care to make a donation to help keep The Lunar Report and Moon Angels up and running, please click the DONATION link in the article to the left. We receive no income from the online publications or advertising, so anything you can do to help will be appreciated. Thank you for visiting Moon Angels on The Lunar Report.

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